6 insightful software testing blogs/websites/resources a QA needs to follow in 2019

1/9/2019 By Anirudh Prayaga and Nick Kringle

It is 2019 already! Firstly, we wish you a very happy new year! Along with all the other new year resolutions you may have, it is nice to have one more which is career oriented, i,e to level up our QA skills/expertise. One way to achieve it would be to follow blogs/resources that share the latest and greatest information on current trends in software testing, the future of this field, and how a QA would be able to equip one’s armor to tackle it. Also, these would provide information on some topics in the QA field that we may not work as a part of our job duties on a daily basis.

Here are the 6 of them to subscribe/follow/read in 2019:

Angie Jones:

If you are an SDET/ QA automation engineer, you will love Angie Jones’ blog. She is a Senior Developer Advocate who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. Angie shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world. She discusses topics ranging from best coding practices for an SDET, machine learning in a QA world, implementing object-oriented principles in a test automation perspective, choosing a right strategy for automation among others.

Software Testing Help:

Among many other great QA blogs, this one stands out with a great emphasis on standard software testing topics/practices. Their page visits are growing in number day by day, owing to their wonderful content which ranges from topics such as various types of testing – performance, functional, database, API, UI automation, data migration, QA leadership, etc. They also post freelance opportunities for QA job seekers and accept papers/posts by guest writers on Software QA related topics.

SQA Stack Exchange:

Similar to its big cousin Stackoverflow, this website is a network of question-and-answer based topics in the Software QA field where users ask real-time questions arising from a particular challenge at their workplace and other users share their knowledge on how to effectively tackle them.


Guru99 is a forum which discusses and covers many topics in various tech fields such as software QA, SAP, web technologies, big data, AI, etc. Specific to the SQA field, it has a wide range of topics and tools it shares knowledge on, which include QTP, SOAP UI, Selenium, mobile testing, performance testing, and test management, among others. There are many tutorials on these topics with clear documentation for easy & effective learning.


ToolsQA is a platform which is majorly focused on discussing mobile UI automated testing software, specifically Selenium and Appium. It has many real-time examples and solutions to the FAQs in the areas of Selenium, including Java,  C#, TestNG, Cucumber, Specflow, Maven, Katalon, and Postman, among others.


ASTQB is the software testing certification organization that operates in the United States. Apart from the certification, it also has many resources a QA can make use of such as white papers, podcasts, webinars, and in-depth newsletters, which cover various topics such as: medical device testing, financial systems testing, voting machine testing, machine learning, RPA, and test management. These newsletters are great because they are authored by experts in their respective fields.