Buzz Around the QA World Jan-Feb 2019

January has really been a long year JK ;). 2019 has started well in the QA world. There were lot of great webinars/tech talks during the month, many upcoming events and conferences to attend. Here’s a quick peek of some of the interesting ones.

Events in January:

There was lot of tech buzz during January covering a wide variety of topics ranging from ‘Changing roles of testers transitioning into Agile and Dev-ops’ to ‘RPA in the QA space’. Here are the details.

  • How Test Automation will change in 2019:

This is a podcast conducted by Joe Colantonio in which he discusses about new automation and testing skills and tools a QA pro needs to know in 2019. Here’s the link below for the same :

  • Changing roles of testers transitioning into Agile and Dev-ops

This was a lively discussion between Lisa Crispin and Joel Montvelisky about the changing role of testers in DevOps. Here’s the link for the recording:

  • Intro to Postmodern testing

In this webinar Jason Arbon talks about the basic Dos and don’ts of postmodern testing that save time, money and make testers awesome members of the engineering team. Here’s the link for the recording:

  • Collaborating with Developers: How-to Guide for QA Pros and test engineers

In this session Gil Tayar (Sr. Architect, Evangelist @ Applitools) discusses about how Test Engineers and QA pros can successfully collaborate with developers in delivering a great product. Here’s the link for the webinar recording:

  • Robotic Process Automation and Test Automation

Deven Samant shared some great insights on RPA overview and business benefits, Overview on Testing Solutions Landscape. Here’s the link for recording:

Here’s the link for slides:

February’s events:

There are many interesting webinars/talks/tech events to watch out for in the month of February. Here are a few.

  • Data Warehouse Testing: The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders
  • The QE/QA Role: Supporting DevOps the Smart Way

Link to register:

  • Real World Use Cases for Using AI in Enterprise Testing

Link to register:

Upcoming Conferences

  • Automation Guild – 20+ Experts Reveal Their Top Automation and Flaky Test Killing Secrets

Here’s the link to register:

  • STAREAST Testing Conference

Here’s the link to register:

  • QUEST 2019 (Chicago event)

Here’s the link to register :

  • IBADD (Iowa-DSM event)
  • Agile Testing Days USA

Here’s the link to register:

Other Resources

  • 90 days to better QA

90 Days to Better QA draws lessons from QA experts and real-world case studies to provide a guideline for creating change. In this guide, you’ll learn how to kickstart your QA strategy. Download the paper:

  • 7 Steps for Building an Automated Testing Framework

Link to the white paper:

7 Steps for Building a Successful UI Automated Testing Framework,

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