DAQAA: Worldwide Trends in QA

Online Only Meeting IA

Vikas will be doing a brief readout & discussion of the 12th World Quality Report released by CapGemini in association […]

DAQAA: Humans are hard, Code is easy

Online Only Meeting IA

Are you a frustrated developer who feels like they know enough? However, the success you thought you would have is […]

DAQAA: Are my QA skills marketable?

Online Only Meeting IA

Test Scenario: Are my QA skills marketable? Test Case 1: When I apply for a job, then I receive an […]

DAQAA Summer Social

Grumpy Goat 1350 50th Street, West Des Moines

Our social is back! RSVP Come out and join us on the outdoor patio at the Grumpy Goat Tavern on […]

DAQAA: Automate Your Tests with Tosca

Online Only Meeting IA

Do you want to automate your test cases, but don’t really know how to code? Come see how TOSCA can […]